Palmetto Bay Appliance ServiceOh, that dreaded day when an appliance you’re counting on decides it’s not interested in performing for the day. It wants a vacation, and you’re in charge of getting it back in order. It’s either that, or you’re going to be coughing up the dough for a new appliance. A repairman can supply the fix, and until that day, they want you to know how to properly care for your appliances.

There are all kinds of appliance tips and tricks that you need to know. Not all of them are care related, such as knowing what to do with a refrigerator you want to throw away. Refrigerators go to the dump, but not before the coolant are removed. You’re not going to want to do that, so it’s best to get an appliance service company out to do the job.

These companies can also help you figure out if repairs are worth your time and money. One thing they do recommend is either buying a used device and getting by or buying new if you’re going to replace an appliance. In other words, the more costly option is putting a little more money out there and buying somewhere in the middle.

Have you ever unplugged an appliance only to still hear it in action, like a humming noise? Maybe this hasn’t happened to you, but it’s actually a very common issue reported to appliance technicians.

No matter what issues you have or questions you’re asking, our service company has the answers. These tips came directly from our FAQ site, and there is plenty more advice on our blog. You want to keep your appliances running, you want to stay safe, and you want to save money. In order to do those things, keep educating yourself about caring for your home appliances.

Brands our technicians are experts at include:

  1. Miele
  2. Kenmore
  3. Frigidaire
  4. Subzero
  5. Viking
  6. Samsung
  7. Bosch
  8. Kitchenaid
  9. LG
  10. Jenn-Air
  11. General Electric
  12. Amana
  13. Maytag
  14. Whirlpool

We provide fast same day service for:

Oven Repair

Refrigeration Repair

Laundry Dryer Repair

Clothes Washer Repair

Dishwasher Service

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